6 upcoming Netflix docu-series for nature lovers

6 upcoming Netflix docu-series for nature lovers

Netflix has dropped a trailer teasing new documentary series dedicated to natural history. The streaming platform is aiming to expand viewers knowledge of natural things, from wildlife to the mysteries of a 95% undiscovered ocean.

The upcoming series of documentaries includes, Our Universe and Life on Our Planet narrated by Morgan Freeman, the streamer has also renewed David Attenborough’s Our Planet for a second season.

Netflix has doubled down the ‘Our’ brand with Our Oceans, Our Living World and Our Water World.

Starting from Our Universe, the series will hit the giant on November 22, 2022.

Our Universe will explore the links between our solar systems and the dazzling wildlife that exists around us.

Next documentary to hit the platform is Life on Our Planet, which will be premiering in 2023. It will feature newly imagined dinosaur CGI that appears way too real for comfort.

After that the platform will be bringing Our Planet II, the second season of Netflix’s highly anticipated and mind blowing docu-series, which was based on the earth’s natural beauty and impacts of climate change on all living creatures.

In addition to that, in 2024 viewers will see the docu-series Our Oceans. It will address the eerie world of the unexplored depths and mysteries of oceans of this planet

Our Living World will also be streaming in 2024, the four-part series provides a new and updated definition for life on Earth, showcasing the world’s interconnectedness.

Finally, the platform will showcase Our Water World, which will release in 2025. The five-part documentary explores the freshwater systems that help our planet thrive and, without which, life could not exist.

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