7 Recipes To Reinvent Plain Nimbu Pani To Make Interesting Drinks

Sometimes just a glass of water won’t do anything to quell our thirst, we need more. And we find solace in refreshing nimbu pani. A simple concoction of water and lemon, with salt or sugar, livens up our senses with instant rejuvenation. But even this ‘lift me up’ drink can be further lifted up with the addition of different flavours. Regular nimbu pani can be turned into some really lip-smacking drinks that you can serve to your guests as a welcome drink or prepare for your family for a good refreshment break. We have some interesting lemonade recipes for you to enjoy in this balmy weather. 

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Here’re 7 Interesting Nimbu Pani Recipes You Must Try: 

1. Honey-Ginger Lemonade 

A tasty zesty drink with healthy benefits from ginger and honey – won’t that be just perfect? This lemonade is ideal for days when you’re feeling under the weather and want to feel good. Click here for the recipe. 

Add some spice and other flavours to make delicious nibu pani

2. Jaggery Nimbu Pani 

This all-healthy sweet lemonade will let you enjoy your favourite beverage absolutely guilt-free. The sweetness of healthier jaggery combined with black salt, mint leaves and cumin powder will please your taste buds to the core. Here’s the recipe.  

3. Cucumber Mint Lemonade 

If you want a super refreshing drink that is all about an escape from the heat, this nimbu pani recipe is the one you should pick. Cucumber, mint and lemon get together to bring you the-much needed rejuvenation. Find the recipe here.  

4. Nariyal Shikanji 

Two of the best coolers meld to give us a knock-out beverage with a flavour explosion. This super hydrating drink will quench your thirst just the way you want. Find the recipe here.  

5. Masala Banta Nimbu Pani 

Bring back childhood memories with this rendition of masala banta in a glass of nimbu pani. Add coriander powder, chaat masala, cumin powder, black pepper powder, rock salt and soda to your regular nimbu pani to make your all-time favourite banta. Here’s the complete recipe

6. Minty Nimbu Pani 

Just the addition of crushed mint leaves can amp your glass of nimbu pani. Just make sure to crush the leaves in a mortar and pestle to get the maximum flavour. Here’s how to make it.

7. Fruity And Spiced Lemonade 

This single video shows how to make 5 variations of nimbu pani by changing one ingredient. Be ready with lemon juice and sugar syrup and make different lemonades for a get-together. Everyone will love the variety. Click here to see how to go about it


Add fruits or other ingredients of your choice to make unique lemonades

Once you’ll try these nimbu pani recipes, you won’t be able to go back to the old simple one.  

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