Elderly woman rides motorcycle with husband sitting behind

The picture shows a woman riding a bike. — Instagram screengrab

We usually see men riding bikes while with their wives sit behind them. However, this one video has been making rounds on the internet which shows a woman taking her husband for a ride. 

The video shows an elderly woman riding a motorcycle with her husband seated behind her. 

The video was shared on Instagram which received many comments from social media users. 

“Usually when we see a biker couple, it is always the guy riding the bike. Have you ever seen anything like this for their age?” the video was captioned. 

The video garnered over 300,000 likes and many comments. People called them “couple goals” and gushed over the couple. 

“Haayee! That’s so adorable,” a user wrote.

“She has her own swag and that’s so cool,” commented another. 

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