Eminem’s daughter Hailie reveals that her family finds small talk ‘scary’

Eminem’s daughter Hailie reveals that her family finds small talk ‘scary’

Eminem celebrated his 50th birthday on October 17, and his daughter, Hailie Jade, gave a glimpse into the rapper’s birthday bash.

On her podcast, Just A Little Shady, the 25-year-old began recapping on some positive things that have happened over the previous week which included her the intimate little get-together for her dad’s birthday.

She revealed that the family was close-knit but they were terrible at making small talk.

“It was my dad’s birthday this week,” began Hailie. “We all got together, and it was very funny. It was ‘friends and family’. But while everyone was strolling in and we were waiting for everybody to get there, we ended up collecting at a table, just the family. After 10 minutes went by and we realised people were coming in, it appeared as if we were having a meeting.”

Chuckling, Hailie continued, “After 10 minutes, we look at each other, and we like, ‘This is a birthday party! I’m pretty sure we need to be social’.”

“You could literally tell our family from everybody else, socialising. But it is who we are,” she shared. “There is one thing about us, we can maintain and carry a conversation, no problem. But to start a conversation, we’re just not good at it! We struggle so hard to facilitate the conversation, but once it’s going — we’re golden. But to start it — no-no-no.”

Hailie has been an inspiration behind many of the rapper’s hit songs like Hailie’s Song, Mockingbird and When I’m Gone. Slim Shady has also talked about his daughter with pride during a conversation on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in 2021.

“Hailie’s doing good. She’s made me proud for sure,” he said, while adding that she graduated from college with a 3.9 GPA.  

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