Kate Middleton is the only hope to save monarchy

Kate Middleton is reportedly being focused as an attractive woman instead of a skilled leader, according to a royal expert.

Kate – who officially entered royal life when she tied the knot with Prince William in 2011 – will become queen once William ascends to the throne.

But, royal commentator Richard Palmer said that the the 40-year-old is being treated as “little bit of fluff”.

Palmer said: “Royals are often treated as a “little bit of fluff” to go with the “hard news agenda”.

“[Kate] was visiting an integrated children’s centre. She was calling for a change in the way that pregnant women, and women who have just had children, are treated in this country,” Palmer told Daily Express Royal Round-Up host Pandora Forsyth.

The royal expert went on urging the people that they should take Kate’s messages seriously and listen to her instead of focusing on her looks as she is more actively working to bring about positive change in the country.

Unlike business, politics or media stardom, royalty is for life and its time horizons are infinite. Kate Middleton has mastered that long game and that’s a very significant achievement. The Princess of Wales is the only hope to save the monarchy amid scandal and crisis, claims an insider.

Back in the day, Jephson worked for the Firm as the chief of staff for Kate’s mother-in-law, Princess Diana, heaped praise on Kate Middleton, her approach to royal life, saying: “She has the bearing, the gravitas, the regal factor that already sets her apart from other royal women as a future queen.”

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