Meghan Markle’s podcast was ‘engineered’, claims expert

Judi James, a professional voice analyst and body language expert, has shared her opinion on Meghan Markle’s new Archetypes episode, claiming it was engineered’ to share ‘Meghan’s life with Harry’.

The Duchess of Sussex latest installment of Archetypes on Spotify released Tuesday, and the analyst spoke exclusively to to break down the podcast.

Judi argues that there are “three key Meghan reveals” in this podcast, saying: “Meghan’s life story seems to be dropped in many parts each week on her podcasts. “

She continued: “Each one that comes out seems engineered to reveal some new detail or fact of her life and it is those ‘reveals’ that seem to hit the headlines even more than the points she is discussing. They also seem to promote the feeling that we are being invited to get to know her piece-by-piece, like a huge jigsaw puzzle.”

“With this podcast we get three key Meghan reveals or glimpses, although these ones are much lighter on the tears and sadness over her own suffering and pain and either more upbeat and positive or more suitable for the gossip mags.

Judi explained: “There is also a ‘break’ in the recording where we are allowed to hear Meghan and her guests chatting as though off-mic and she reveals that she stopped drinking coffee while she was in the UK.”

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