Trevor Noah clarifies comments on Rishi Sunak appointment backlash

Trevor Noah clarifies comments on Rishi Sunak appointment backlash

Trevor Noah clarified his comments about the newly appointed Prime minister of UK denying the claim that “entire UK is racist,”. According to Trevor, he was only reacting to “some people”, who oppose Rishi Sunak’s appointment as UK Prime Minister, as per Deadline.

Noah’s comments on The Daily Show hit the raw nerves of many, especially commentator Piers Morgan.

The South African comedian suggested that the uproar over Sunak’s appointment stemmed from skin color. Sunak is a UK born with parents from India.

However, many criticized Noah for his sweeping statement of all UK being hit out at Sunak for his color and failed to parse the “some people” part.

On Twitter, in the video of The Daily Show, the 38-year-old claimed people were saying, “Now the Indians are going to take over Great Britain’.”

Morgan clapped back at the comedian’s statement, claiming Noah was “falsely portraying Britain as a racist country.”

However, the host shot back, “I wasn’t saying” The entire UK is racist,'” Noah claimed. “I was responding to the racists who don’t want Rishi as PM because of his race… That’s why I said, ‘Some people.'”

Nonetheless, Morgan didn’t buy it, “No, you c’mon Trevor… there was no” backlash” in the UK to Rishi Sunak becoming PM because of his heritage. You made that up to create a racism narrative that simply didn’t happen… and we Brits are bored of US media (& disingenuous duchesses) making us out to be a bunch of racists.”

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