Victoria Beckham trying to get Brooklyn Beckham out of Nicola Peltz house

Victoria Beckham is keen on getting her son Brooklyn Beckham out of Nicola Peltz’s house after he asked his parents to help him get his own place.

The aspiring chef is said to be feeling “isolated” living in his in-laws’ home where he has to do everything according to their rules.

An insider spilled to Heat Magazine that Brooklyn has discussed the issue with his parents and they are “encouraging” him to convince The Transformers actor to leave her family home.

However, the billionaire heiress does not want to move out of her parents’ home as she fights with her husband whenever the topic comes up.

“For Vic and David, there’s no other take on it than Nicola just trying to stir things up again and having no intention of moving on,” the insider said. “They are furious on so many levels.”

“They can’t help but wonder whether this is down to the fact Brooklyn had spoken to her about wanting to spend time with his family over Christmas and that set her off on her latest episode.

Meanwhile, the fashion designer is motivating Brooklyn to “push the matter with Nicola” as she is determined to help her son get out of Peltz’s house.

As for Nicola, the insider noted that she “does accept that it’s not ideal for a married couple to be living under her parents’ roof, and she goes from being willing to consider it, to then putting it off again.”

Before concluding, the source revealed, “They’re rowing almost daily at the moment.”

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